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What people are saying:

"It's a fascinating, moving portrait of how the gospel of Jesus Christ motivates believers to flee comfort and run toward danger-dodging bullets and bombs to be conduits of healing and hope."

- Gospel Coalition

"You'll find yourself shaking your head in amazement when you see the story of Free Burma Rangers!"

- Kevin Ezell, President North American Mission Board, SBC

"Not standard Christian fare...it transcends the limitations of the genre and deserves to be seen by a wider audience...amazing in its humanity and graphic honesty"

- Blogcritics

"The most harrowing faith-based movie ever made...a Real-life 'Action-Adventure' Film."

- Crosswalk

"The raw and inspiring movie truly illustrates Christianity in action."

- The Christian Post

"Whatever your religious beliefs, you will find [The Free Burma Rangers] courage and idealism inspiring..."

- The Boston Globe

About the film:

NOTE: WE OFFER A DIGITAL STREAMING SERVICE. WE DO NOT SELL THE DVD. Our award winning documentary, Free Burma Rangers, tells the true story of a remarkable family compelled by Christ to bring love to the front lines of war. The film is a real life action-adventure story. Viewers follow the family into firefights, heroic rescues, and experience life-changing ministry. In the midst of this unprecedented journey, you will witness the power of God’s provisions in seemingly impossible situations.

Available Subtitles: English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Thai, Burmese, & German.

*Stream anywhere in the world.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a movie we can watch with our kids?

Many families have watched this film with their children; however, there are intense scenes and we believe it’s best for parents to watch the film first and then decide for themselves.

Can you buy a DVD version?

We offer a digital streaming version of the film on our website. But, our distributor, Lifeway Films does offer a DVD version. You can purchase it here.

How do I watch the film? Can I watch it on my TV?

You are able to stream the film on your computer, phone, laptop or iPad. You can also stream to your television using chromecast, airplay or use an HDMI cable to connect your computer to your tv.

Watch this video for more information:

Is this movie available outside of the United States?

Yes you can stream the movie from anywhere in the world.

*Stream anywhere in the world.